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We, Shaoxing Siyiki Chemical Co., Ltd, is focus on concrete admixture and affiliated
chemical products. We are focus on segment market, with the idea“ concentrated and professional”,
we supply clients with better service experience through our incessant creative technology
support and perfect service guarantee.


  •  Concrete comprehensive solution scheme facilitator
We provide the final customer with the concrete comprehensive solution, meantime,
we want to serve the final manufacturer for all admixture with one-stop chemical admixture
products and service. To better spread service idea,set up energy-saving, environment
protection consciousness, we would like share with you, grow up with you! We do
not create chemical products, but we create new chemical influence!


  • One- Stop chemical admixture supplier


Concrete is the important part for building, road, bridge and almost become the cornerstone
of the modernized development. We not only supply all kinds of concrete admixture but also
provide concrete comprehensive solution scheme, which made for customer with low cost,
high quality, the best concrete ratio solution. We pay high attention to the quality. We promote
not only products,but also the responsiblility!


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